A Guide for Ophthalmology Post Graduates

What to read?

From where to read?

How to start?

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Now I know what to read!

Now I know from where to read!

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Topic-Wise DNB Ophthalmology Question Bank 1999-2020

  • “Topic-Wise DNB Ophthalmology Question Bank” is a series of 12 books.

  • These books contain the questions asked in DNB Ophthalmology Exam over a period of last 21 years

  • The questions are sorted into subtopics like anatomy, physiology etc… facilitating in-depth reading of that subtopic, so that none of the questions are missed.

Eye Learn Notes

  • Eye Learn Notes is a collection of subspecialty notes.

  • These notes are compiled from standard textbooks like AAO, Kanski, Becker-Shaffer etc…

  • These are high-yielding notes targeting important topics in-depth.

DNB Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

  • DNB Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) ​is a series of easily downloadable and user friendly PDFs.

  • These PDFs are created by experts in the field keeping in mind the OSCE pattern. 

  • The PDFs are divided into subtopics like general ophthalmology, medical imaging, etc… facilitating easy recall.

DOS Times Compilations

  • Thank you DOS Times for the comprehensive high yield articles.

  • DOS compilations is a series of 7 subspecialty books.

  • These contain topic-wise DOS Times articles from 2003 to 2017.